Canada, part 1

Canada is the second biggest country in the world in terms of the surface. It impresses visiting tourists with its raw and beautiful landscapes of uncontaminated nature, openness to other cultures and original attractions.

Travel to Canada requires adequate preparation. You need to get Canadian dollars and warmer clothes if you go on a journey to the north of the country. Currently, you can travel from Poland to Canada only by plane. You do not need a visa, if you go there for less than half a year. Because Canada is very big country, some cities can be reached only by plane or train. The most expensive means of transportation are the very convenient and safe trains and buses. In larger cities is best to travel by public transport or rented car.

Canada\’s landscape consists primarily of the huge space, numerous national parks and strict Rocky Mountains. In hundreds of existing reserves and as many as 41 national parks, you can find many rare plant species (e.g. sassafrases, Kentucky coffeetrees, larches, arnicas) and animals (for example elk, reindeer, foxes, bears: grizzly, brown and polar) . Particularly interesting in this respect are: Wood Buffalo Park, which is an oasis of bison, Gros Morne National Park, located in Newfoundland, where you can meet migrating caribou reindeers and impressive fjords, Yoho National Park rich in monumental fossils, Nahanni National Park with huge waterfalls and gorges deeper than the Grand Canyon and Kluane park with beautiful northern landscape. A special treat will also be a tour to located on both sides of the Arctic Circle Auyuittuq National Park, which landscape is dominated by glaciers and treeless space.

Canada is also large lakes and waterfalls, which provoke trips to nature. Recreation in the form of camping or picnics is popular in this country. You can therefore go to the lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and Superior.

Being in Central Canada, you may visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park lying in the Red Deer River Valley. It was here, where once a lot of dinosaur remains were found.


For fans of literature, a windfall would be visiting the place where was born heroine of Lucy Maud Montgomery\’s novel, Anne of Green Gables. In Canada, Prince Edward Island has many souvenirs of the famous red-haired girl.

Mandatory tour in Canada includes the world\’s most famous waterfall called Niagara Falls. It consists of 50 meters in height, which corresponds to about 17 floor building. During this tour you should be wearing a raincoat. It is open to visitors daily and entry is free. You can arrive by car, taxi or a special GO Train direct from Toronto.